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Bright Tech Smart locks



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BrightTech SmartLuck's 'Lucky': A New Era of Security and Convenience

No more keys, no more worries - BrightTech brings you the future of home security with our cutting-edge smart lock, Lucky. Crafted with precision, Lucky combines unmatched convenience with top-tier security, making it a perfect addition to every residential setting.

Seamless Access, Seven Ways

With Lucky, you have seven ways to access your home, giving you complete control and peace of mind. Access your home through:

  • fingerprint scanning,
  • facial recognition
  • password
  • mobile application
  • temporary password
  • emergency keys
  •  cards.

Stay Connected, Stay Secure

With integrated Wi-Fi functionality, Lucky connects you to your home from anywhere in the world. Traveling for work or vacation? No problem. You can open your door from another country, ensuring trusted individuals can access your home when necessary.

Monitor with Ease

Lucky's innovative design features a camera and a large screen on the back panel. Now, you can visually check outdoor situations without opening your door, providing an extra layer of security and convenience.

Built to Last

Trust in the durability and reliability of Lucky, backed by dual chips technology and a 3-year warranty. We've built Lucky to last and keep your home secure.

The SmartLuck Promise

At BrightTech, we aim to enhance and simplify your life with our SmartLuck range. With Lucky, we bring you a smart lock designed to provide superior security, enhanced connectivity, and unprecedented convenience.

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